About The Project

A Note From The Director

I am a 57 year old, first generation St. Thomas born and raised white boy with two born and raised (on St. John) children who has lived more than half of his life on St. John. By trade, I am a commercial director/director of photography.

Since Irma smashed Saint John, I've witnessed the diminishment of the local community into an identity, a product that is not only being cheapened but, more awfully, whose true story is being erased. I decided, therefore, to make a film.

Articulated through the great grace and dignity and wisdom of 12 multi-generational Virgin Islanders, in the on-camera interviews I asked, listened, and felt our shared truths break through with riveting emotional integrity. I quickly realized that these island prophets needed to be seen and heard before it's too late.

Thus was born Sunlit Saint John: an unflinchingly honest and constructive conversation initiated by outstanding citizens to advocate for our community and to agitate the 'powers that be’ for a future that honors truth, not spin; money less, and merit more.

Our goal is to reclaim our narrative, our brand, and our spaces by consciously targeting the kind of development and tourism that will nourish our community with historical pride, the arts, and natural and cultural sustainability.

To that end, there are important stories yet to be told, and more content addressing race and status issues soon to come. Feel free to help by sharing the posted videos and your constructive thoughts.

Stay up!


Eric Zucker

Founder & Director, Sunlit St. John

Our Contributors

Avelino Samuel

Internationally known Master Wood Turner, a true son of the soil, role model for the younger generation, culture bearer with a deep respect for the values and traditions.

Kim Lyons

Tour de force in many directions including, her arts, the arts, media, politics and as a community activist with confidence.

Savannah Lyons

Dancer extraordinaire, young Renaissance woman with pure heart in person and craft.

Rafe Boulon

Widely, highly regarded for his good nature, good intentions, and great work for ecological preservation.

Janet Burton

Icon of education and community strength, a cherished author, unafraid of the truth, and beloved by all sides.

Elroy Sprauve

Legendary wisdom with heart for all who care about history, education, and what that means for a people.

Theodora Moorehead

Genetically and personally driven towards excellence and advocacy in art, politics, and life.

Alex Ray

Old soul wise and smart with an eye and ear for both big pictures and the details of life that mean so much.

David Knight Jr.

Thoughtful and considerate of facts and feelings and willing and able to create a space for art with heart.

Kurt Marsh

A voice born to lead with priorities in place and a deep commitment to fair play and opportunity with merit and vision.

Monique Matthias

A regal soul; passionate in her dedication to the culture, the soil, and the education of the youth.

Hadiya Sewer

Intellect of towering capacity with listening and speaking skills to match that is all focused on matters of great significance.

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