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Panorama of Caneel Bay on the Caribbean

Suggested Solutions

Help create a future where we sell our fruits without selling-out our roots

Urgently proposed to the US Department of the Interior:

Embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reset and reposition St. John as a destination that preserves, educates and fêtes our nature and culture.

Reimagine Caneel Bay​

 Living Ecological & Heritage Museum & Exchange

Interactive displays, art, food, music, craft, literature, theater and video

Environmental Branch​

Sub-tropical terrestrial and aerial

Atlantic/Caribbean marine

Tours, seminars, shows, expeditions, research

Ancestral Branch​






Amphitheater: community events and international shows like at "Wolf Trap"

Facilities for bona fide vendors, artisans, and performers for $1 per year


A 21st century boutique VI eco resort


Protect Round Bay

Achieve sanctuary status for Round Bay and set a precedent to enjoy its beauty for generations to come.

Visit Round Bay Watch

View of Coral Bay in Saint John US Virgin Island.jpg

Revive Coral Bay

Promote low-impact development projects that will improve conditions in Coral Bay.

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